Vision And Mission

Creating spaces that Breathe


Where clutter and chaos rule the urban hubs, Rachanaa group takes the path less traveled. Inspired by living habitats that offer convenience, comfort and value, we offer spaces that exude a good life in its very core. Built on the virtues of liberty in living, Rachanaa believes in providing spaces that allows one to fly, imagine, create, dream and desire. Rightly, Rachanaa offers it habitants spaces that breathe; breathe goodness, breathe fulfillment, and breathe a good living.




  • To create spaces that caters to all classes of the socio-economic stratum.
  • To offer value that facilitates the needs of the common man.
  • To offer opulence that satiates the luxurious desires of the urbane resident.


  • To collaborate with like-minded conglomerates to consistently place our customer at the numero uno position.
  • To create an environment of steady profit for our investors.
  • To create vertical structures but with space-centric foundations that initiate a better living and optimized areas.